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YJŞ: Cry of Maribal’s sisters became world’s cry

NEWS DESK- The General Command of the Şengal Women’s Protection Units (YJŞ) said that the cry of Maribal’s three sisters has become the cry of all the world and the torch struggle of women of oppressed peoples, during a statement.

The General Command of YJŞ issued a written statement to the public on the occasion of Eliminating the violence against the woman in November 25 and published it at official position calling on the Yazidi women and the world to face all kinds of violence against women.

The text of the statement:

“The authoritarian force wanted to break the will of the women, but in the person of martyr Berivan, she created the women who does not break. We remember all the martyrs in the person of the three Maribal’s sisters. The cry of the three sisters, now years ago, has escalated in Dominican, and today it has spread throughout the world and has become the torch of struggle for all oppressed women and peoples.

On this basis, we appeal to all women of the world, headed by Yazidi women, to fight against violence. The solution is the joining of all women to the struggle and escalated it. The struggle has been escalated by the martyrs Brivan, Sara, Dalal and must be escalated more.. Free Yazidi women will make Şengal a free Şengal .