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Yousef: elections to be held is the first experience in Syria



NEWS DESK– The Democratic North-Syria Federation is getting ready to hold elections which is considered the first experience in the region and Syria since 7 years.

The Democratic North-Syria Federation has given a great significance to the communes and considered them the major corner stone of the federation, according to the federation’s social contract, article 57 states: the commune is the major formation of the direct democracy i.e. decision-maker and administrative apparatus.

Co-chair of the federation’s Executive Body Fawza Yousef explained that the commune is organizing itself according to the society’s daily needs; economic, education, training, self-defense, justice, culture, and services, and two co-chairs are appointed to regularly manage affairs and watch their implementation.

Co-chair of the federation’s Executive Body Fawza Yousef assured that the commune is the smallest administrative unit and major base for the democratic federation; also via communes people are organizing themselves and making decisions.

The Constituent Council of the Democratic North-Syria Federation has set August 22 to hold communes’ elections in the Democratic North-Syria Federation in the meetings held in Rmaylan in July 27, 28.

Fawza Yousef explained that the democratic federal system adopts the public base, so they decided to hold communes’ elections first unlike the democratic autonomous administration which organized itself hierarchically due to circumstances at that stage.

Co-chair of the federation’s Executive Body Fawza Yousef noted that TEV-DEM has undertaken forming communes in the area after the revolution broke out in Rojava and the area, Yousef said” today the democratic federation is undertaking these tasks since the commune is an independent social and administrative cell and a part of the democratic federation”.

The independent high commission of the Rojava’s three cantons scheduled August 16 to accept the communes’ applications.