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Yousef: War on Afrin means war on all Syria



QAMISHLO-The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Constituent Council of the North Syrian Federation, Fawza Youssef explained that the war against Afrin means war on all of Syria, asserting that it will defeat Turkey and IS gangs in North Syria.

Hawar news agency; ANHA, held an interview with Fawza Youssef on Turkish statements and threats of attack on Afrin

canton “The policy of Turkey since the beginning of the popular movement in the region has never been in favor of stability in Syria and security, and Turkey is one of the main countries that contributed in deepening the war in Syria and complicating the resolution of the crisis.”

Yousef pointed out that while working on a political settlement to resolve the crisis in Syria and eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism, Turkey is carrying out brutal attacks on military and other populated sites in Afrin canton to complicate the situation in the North Syria, Turkey does not want to end the war in Syria and is working by all means to inflame the situation.

“If there is any attack on Afrin, the consequences of the attack will not be confined to Afrin but will spread throughout Syria, and all the negotiations they talk about in Sochi or Geneva and elsewhere would be foiled because the war against Afrin means war against Syria.

Added that Afrin does not resemble Adlib or Jarablus and will not be alone in confronting the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, but all the Syrian North will support him militarily and morally, and the resistance have shown by the people in Kobani will be stronger in Afrin if attacked, and confirmed that “today we are much stronger than we were on the days of Kobani resistance, today we have a huge political and military base.”

Fawza warned the international society if they did not stand up to the threats and Turkish attacks on Afrin, IS gangs will be resurrected and become a nightmare for humanity.

At the end of her speech, Fawza Yousef stressed that the attack on Afrin would be tantamount to war against all Syria, and that Turkey would be defeated in the North of Syria as IS was defeated.