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Youth march started from Serê Kaniyê towards Qamishlo

AL_HASAKHA-  Massive march has been launched with the participation of hundreds of young people from al- Jazeera and Euphrates regions from Serê Kaniyê city towards to the Qamishlo city.


Rojava Youth Federation and the Young Women’s Union have organized a march from Serê Kaniyê in the canton al- Hasakah to demand the health status of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The youth will be going from there Serê Kaniyê towards Qamishlo city.

The youth have raised during their march pictures of Ocalan, flags of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) and Youth Union.

The march is scheduled to arrive in Qamishlo city on the 27th of this month

It is worth noting that two marches were launched on Wednesday morning from Derik and al-Hasakah city towards Qamishlo city and the three marches will meet in Qamishlo city.