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Youth of Afrin call for Ocalan freedom in torch marches

 AFRIN– Hundreds of Afrin’s youth in Afrin region protested, demanding the release of the health condition to Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan during the mass marches of torches and cars on Monday eveningFRIN-SERAWA-YCR-AGER-VEXSTIN-JE-BU-REBAR-APO (4)

The districts of Sherawa, Mobata and Janders in Afrin canton went yesterday evening on torch marches in which young people called for   asked the Turkish authorities to disclose the health of leader Ocalan.


RojAva Youth Federation in Sherawa district of Afrin canton organized a march by lighting a fire in the mountains of Lilon and demanding the knowledge of the situation of Kurdish People’s leader Abdullah Ocalan and wrote the name of the leader in Kurdish (SEKOK APO) on the mountain.

A statement released by the Rojava Youth Federation in the Sherawa district was read to the public and read by a member of the Rojava Youth Federation Shiyar Shamdeen. “As we know, the Turkish fascism imposes a severe isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan. As the youth of the Rojava Federation, we could no longer tolerate the fascism of the Turkish state and remain silent about the isolation of our leader, especially in recent times.”

“We currently do not know how the situation of leader Ocalan is in the prisons of the Turkish state. By these practices, Turkey wants to weaken the resolve and will of the Kurdish people, but as the youth, mothers, men and elderly, we will continue to hold on to our leader and fight for him until the last drop of blood in our veins and to prove to the Turkish state and all the countries of the world that we will set fire to our bodies and sacrifice our lives for the freedom of leader Ocalan.”

The statement ended with slogans echoing Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and demanding his freedom.

MobataFRIN-SERAWA-YCR-AGER-VEXSTIN-JE-BU-REBAR-APO (3)In this context, the Rojava Youth Federation in Mobata asked the freedom for the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and stressed that they will remain in the squares and fields until the liberation of their leader, during a torch marches organized by the youth.

During a torchlight march, the members of the youth stopped a minute of silence, and then member of Rojava Youth Federation Xemgin Khalil condemned the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan during a speech in which he said, “We have now gathered for leader Ocalan, because since two years ago, we have no idea of the status fo the leader Ocalan, and we have reported the deterioration of his health situation and called the Turkish authorities to disclose the situation of our leader.”

At the end of his speech, Xemgin renewed his pledge that they would continue to resist until the leader Ocalan was freed and said that they would remain in the squares and fields until his release. “We declare alertness and readiness throughout the world and parts of Kurdistan and are ready to take any sacrifice for leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The march ended with chanting slogans that salute the resistance of Ocalan and called for his freedom.


In that context, the Rojava Youth Federation organized a march of cars to call for the freedom of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan.

The march started in front of the People’s House in the center of the area and headed towards the village of Kora and then Kafr Safra belonging to the area and stopped at the mountains of Kazakli north in the village of Kafr Safra.

Fighters of the People and Women’s Protection Units, the Asayîş Forces, the Community Protection Forces, the Traffic Forces, the Rojava Youth Federation and the Young Women’s Union have marched as well as dozens of residents.FRIN-SERAWA-YCR-AGER-VEXSTIN-JE-BU-REBAR-APO (5)

The participants held pictures of Kurdish People’s leader Abdullah Ocalan, flags of the People and Women’s Protection Movement, the Democratic Society Movement and the Rojava Youth Federation.

After the arrival of the march to the mountains of Kazakli, the symbol of the name “APO” was lit by fire.

The procession then headed towards Janders area again to end in the same place from which it began.