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Youth: We to continue our activities within “Revolt” campaign till revealing leader’s health


QAMISHLO- A number of young Kurds and Arabs and members of Young Women Union who joined the campaign “Revolt” campaign to reveal the status of the leader made it clear that they are continuing in their campaign until raising the isolation and disclosing the leader’s health status stressing that Ocelan, by his thought, gave them the soul of struggle and resistance for freedom.EREB BEDIR

After the coordination of Youth Union of Rojava and Young Women Union announced Revolt campaign, the Arab Youth, the Young Women Movement and the Democratic Students Movement joined the campaign to demand disclosing the health status of Ocelan, and denounce the isolation imposed on him.

“We have joined the campaign demanding to disclose the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocelan,” said Arab Bader, the administrative in the Arab Youth Movement.

Arab Bader pointed out that the leader and through his analysis refers a lot to the role of the youth, whether they would be Arab, Kurdish, Syriacs and of all components considering them as the nucleus of the society, and provide us with the spirit and the will to continue struggling and to demand freedom.

“We will increase the activities and events to denounce the isolation imposed on Ocelan,” Arab Bader said.

Arab Bader ended his speech echoing Ocelan’s saying about the importance of the role of the youth “by the youth we began, and by the youth we would win.”LANA HISEN

The administrative in Students Union in Qamishlo canton Lana Hussein said “we joined Revolt campaign organized by the Rojava Youth Union which aims at demanding the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocelan from Imrali detention prison, and because his health status has not been revealed for two years by the fascist Turkish state. And we will always be ready for standing against the enemy, and what they intend against us.”

“Our campaign continues with demonstrations, meetings, statements and other activities until Ocelan would be liberated,” Lana Hussein said.

“This campaign will continue until March 21which is the date of Eid Nawroz,” Linav Mahmoud said in the name of Young Woman in Rojava Youth Union.LINAF MEHMUD

“Women have gained a special role in this campaign, and have joined a great deal. They have a special impression and interaction,” Linav said commemorating the leader’s words “women and youth are the pioneers of the revolution.” Thus, by this confidence that the leader gave us, we would continue struggling.”