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Youths of Deir ez-Zor announce joining “Revolt ” campaign

DEIR EZ-ZOR  Youths of Deir ez-Zor  have announced their joining to the “Revolt” campaign during a statement in which they have stressed on the struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.DIRALZOUR-CIWAN (1)

The youths of Deir ez-Zor joined “Revolt” campaign on Friday through a statement delivered in Youth Office in  Jazrat al-Bouhamid , in which they denounced the international conspiracies against the free people and Ocelan.

The statement was read by the administrator in of Deir ez-Zor Youth Wasfa al-Deirya

The text of the statement:

To the public opinion, we in Youth of Deir of ez-Zor on behalf of Council of Syria condemn the international conspiracies against all peoples, especially the Middle East peoples because the people living here are robbed of everything at the intellectual and cultural levels in order to steal our civilizations. We as youths will not allow this because our rights and the rights of the martyrs who watered this land with their pure blood, and we, as Arabs and Kurds in Deir ez-Zor, would join the campaign of “Revolt” for the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocelan and the looted rights of the peoples led by the international thinker Abdullah Ocelan who gave freedom to women in the Youth.

Now, in all over North Syria, we revolt against all conspiracies against the people and leader Abdullah Ocelan.