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YPG delivered IS families to Russian representatives


QAMIŞLO- The General Command of People Protection Units (YPG) handed over a number of families of IS mercenaries to the Russian Federation during a press conference held between YPG and Russia military commands.QAMISLO-YPG-MALBATEN-CETEYAN-RADESTKRIN1 (2)

The families who were delivered to Russia included 13 women and 29 children who are from Russian nationalities. Moreover, the spokesperson on behalf of the YPG Nury Mahmoud, the Russian General Alexander Kim, the deputy of Foreign Relations Committee’s head in the Russian Senate Dr.Ziyad Sabsabi and the co-chair of the External Body in al-Jazeera region Abdul Kareem Omar attended the press conference.

The spokesperson in the name of YPG Nury Mahmoud delivered a speech saying “we in YPG, YPJ and SDF ranks dealt with these families humanely and according to the principles of human rights, and according to the laws of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA). Our forces in north of Syria dealt with the captives and families of IS mercenaries according to the humane laws and everybody witnesses this”.

Nury Mahmoud assured that 13 women and 29 children of IS mercenaries would be delivered to Russia officially signed by the General Kim and YPG Command.

Then, Mahmoud Nury and the General Kim signed the contract of receiving the families from YPG.


The co-chair of the External Body in al-Jazeera Region Abdul Kareem Omar delivered a speech praising the good relations between DAA in the Syrian north and Russia Federation government and its positive attitudes in addition to its insistence on the Kurds’ participation and the political and national components in the areas of DAA in the political operation to solve the Syrian crisis.

Abdul Kareem added “launching from the humane principle and according to the international conventions and treaties, a number of the Russian citizens who have previously joined the ranks of IS mercenaries and whose hands were not stained by the blood of the Syrian people are being handed over at their request and without any pressure put on them to Russia that is represented by the deputy of Foreign Relations Committee’s head in the Russian Senate Dr. Ziyad Sabsabi and the Russian General Alexander Kim.”

Abdul Kareem Omar noted that the DAA in north of Syria has previously delivered 4 families to Russia.

Dr. Ziyad Sabsabi delivered a speech thanking the DAA in north of Syria and YPG for their help and humane attitude that proved their soul of passion and their acceptance to deliver the families to Russia.

Sabsabi made it clear that dealing with all the parties and the Kurdish democratic troops must continue, and there would be understanding and support to solve all the problems that the Kurds would suggest solutions for.

Sabsabi added “we hope to communicate culturally, socially and economically. The main action started was from the president of the Chechen Republic, and afterwards, an action done by Russia that was supervised by the Russian Command with all its military and executive authorities.”

After the press conference ended, the General Command YPG delivered the Russian families to the Russian commands to be sent to their countries.