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YPG distributes children medicines in al-Shadadi for free

AL-HASAKAH- The People Protection Units (YPG) medical staff in coordination with al-Shadadi region and its countryside councils and communes has distributed children medicines on people for free.  HSK-YPG-DERMAN-LE-SEDADI-BELAV-KIR ‫(227672577)‬ ‫‬

After diseases broke out among al-Shadadi children particularly diarrhea, measles, allergy, whooping cough, the YPG medical staff in coordination with the communes and councils in the region of al-Shadadi has distributed children medicines on people for free.

In this concern, a member of the YPG medical staff -Ahamd al-Mukhlif pointed out that they have begun distributing these medicines on people after some diseases broke out like measles, diarrhea, allergy and whooping cough among the region’s children.

Al-Mukhlif added” al-Shadadi lacks medical points, so we perceived the necessity of providing medicines to children affected with diseases, since the economic state of people here is difficult”.  HSK-YPG-DERMAN-LE-SEDADI-BELAV-KIR ‫(227672578)‬ ‫‬

Al-Mukhlif also said” we have begun distributing medicines on the villages align to IS-held areas, and we will distribute medicines on all al-Shadadi villages”.

Hiyam al-Ahamd, a child from Ziyanat village south of al-Shadadi region thanked YPG on medicines and said” we are in dire need of these medicines, we are running into great difficulties to get them”.