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YPG respond to attacks, 28 mercenaries killed

AFRIN- 28 mercenaries at least were killed in a military operation carried out by People Protection Unit (YPG) as a respond to the Turkish state’s mercenaries’ attacks on Afrin canton.EFRIN-U-SEHBA-KUSTINA-28-CETEYA ‫(150077953)‬ ‫‬

Turkish occupation affiliates’ Jabhet al-Nusrah and al-Jabha al-Shamiyah mercenaries increased their attacks against Afrin canton. Moreover, YPG in response has carried out a military operation against the mercenary gangs in the surrounding of Basofan village in Sherawa district in Afrin canton.

The military operation targeted two plateaus in Sam’an Citadel’s surrounding where the mercenaries are stationed. In addition, the operation caused the destruction of mercenaries’ 5 military machineries and other two vehicles that blasted in the result of mines.EFRIN-U-SEHBA-KUSTINA-28-CETEYA ‫(1)‬

During the military operation, a big number of the mercenary gangs were killed and 28 bodies of them were kept at the fighters’ hands, and the fighters also seized 18 weapons. Moreover, the information stated that a number of the mercenaries were killed in one of the vehicles that blasted in the result of mines, and the number of the killed is unknown.

After the operation carried out by YPG, the mercenaries bombarded the clashes’ area using mortars, Obis and heavy weapons till morning hours.

YPG command stated that they would announce the military operation outcome and details by a statement to be released to the public opinion.