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YPJ, a pioneer, in al-Jazeera Tempest campaign


NEWSDESK– The Women Protection Unit (YPJ) is participating in the campaign to liberate the rest of the Syrian island and eastern Euphrates river from the hand of IS mercenaries, as part of the ” al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign launched by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Women Protection Units, founded on April 4, 2012, are defending and liberating women in the area as the basis of their military struggle. The units participate in all liberation campaigns launched in the area, from the liberation of the Rojava areas of the Baathist regime to the liberation of most of the geography of Rojava and northern Syria from IS mercenaries.
The YPJ commander Sozdar Jodi said that their participation as Women Protection Units in the campaign launched by Syria’s Democratic Forces to free the remaining geography of the Syrian island and eastern Euphrates is of great importance. She pointed out that most of the population of this area is Arab people, and Arab women in this area have been subjected to various kinds of injustice and oppression by IS mercenaries.
The commander, Sozdar Jodi, pointed out that they are units that aim to spread the thought and philosophy of the fraternity of peoples in the area and to consolidate the bonds of love and coexistence between the peoples living in the area and the Syrian north.

“when IS mercenaries launched their attacks on the area and their occupation of the cities and area of the north of Syria, they initially targeted women with the aim of undermining their will and  underestimating them, therefore, women’s liberation in the area is a duty we as Women Protection Units have to undertake, this is our sacred mission,” said Sozdar Jodi.

Sozdar Jodi appealed to all women in the area to help them and join their forces so that they can defend themselves against all attacks targeting their existence. She praised the support they received from the women of the area during their forces advance. “As we moved towards the areas targeted for liberation, the women of those areas gave us help and assistance”.

The YPJ commander Sozdar Jodi called on all women in the area to break the barrier of hesitation established by IS mercenary practices and authoritarian regimes and to build a fundamental protection system for them.
On September9, the Syrian Democratic Forces launched the “al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign which starts from two main axes (Abu Fa’s and Abu Khashab), administratively subordinate to Deir ez-Zor.

The areas was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces when in  February 4 this year. In order to liberate the rest of the countryside of the Syrian al-Jazeera and the eastern Euphrates River.