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YPJ commander: Turkey digging its grave with its own hand!


AFRIN- The commander in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in Afrin canton Sosin Birhat has described threats the mercenaries of Turkish occupation army launch attacks on Afrin as “suicide” and that the applause of some parties means that they dig their grave with their hands.

On the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and repeated remarks by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan occupation of Afrin canton and other liberated areas in North Syria spoke the commander in the Women Protection Units(YPJ) in the Afrin canton Sosin Birhat to our agency(ANHA).

Sosin talked, at the beginning of her speech, about the Turkish government’s fear of the reaction of the Turkish people after the uprising of the people in Iran, she added “The government of Iran and Turkey possess the same corrupted and fascist authority in dealing with the peoples of the region and in order to hide Turkey’s internal crisis, it intensified its attacks and threats on Afrin.”

Sosin commented on threats the Turkish occupation army launches to attack Afrin canton said “It is no secret that the Turkish state, as a result of its fascist policy and its inability to act in the right direction, has reached a stage of bankruptcy in all respects and is now living in ambiguous circumstances.”

Sosin described attempts by the Turkish occupation army to occupy the area said “Turkey and Erdogan’s policy have reached the level of suicide. Through these threats, we conclude that Turkey and the parties who applaud Erdogan support the attack on Afrin, who is digging his grave with his own hand!”

Sosin recalled the resistance of the fighters of the Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) in Afrin region against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army and their resistance till day on the frontier fronts until they arrived to liberate dozens of villages in al-Shahba canton. This confirms that their forces have the experience and often broke the back of Turkey in Afrin.

Sosin went on saying ” Afrin resistance will be a historic one awaiting us, and our forces are not afraid of them, and we confirm that this resistance will have positive results on the peoples of the Middle East and will be the end of the Turkish aggression in all Syrian territories.”

The Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) commander Sosin Birhat concluded by pointing out that the people of Afrin are characterized by their revolutionary spirit and who are aware of their freedom, and every individual in them seeks to protect and develop it, in our turn, we renew our pledge to the martyrs of freedom to follow their path and to protect Afrin with their spirit.”