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YPJ: Middle East people created Kawa of the age against Zahak

NEWS DESK- The General Command of YPJ revolted against the authoritative regimes in the area, and said that people of the area created kawa of the age against Zahak.

The General Command of YPJ released a statement on Newroz Eid occasion.

The statement includes:

The authoritative regimes are continuing their inhumane actions against people, but the people of the area revolted against these regimes, and created Kawa of the age against Zahak. Whenever Kawa of the age and Mazloum Doğan inflamed Newroz fire in Amad Prison against colonialism, authoritarianism, and surrender, and became the resistance forefront, Rahshan, Ronahi, Sema Yuce, Berivan, and Evrim Demîr fueled this flame.

The flames of the fire that they set themselves on reached Rojava, and by the resistance of Arin, Slava, and Arshin, the flames of this fire increased and it will bring about freedom Spring. Moreover, we YPJ congratulate the leader Abdullah Ocalan on Newroz 2017, and commemorate all Newroz martyrs. In addition to that, we promise again to struggle and follow up the martyrs’ steps.