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YPJ participated in liberation al-Raqqa are ready to participate in the resistance of the times


AL-RAQQA – The  Fighters of Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), who  have participated in the battle to liberate  al-Raqqa city confirmed that they are fully prepared and ready to go to Afrin to defend them against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and that they will turn into a thorn in Erdogan’s path  such as martyr Avesta Khabor and her comrades

Hawar news agency (ANHA) heldan  interviews with the fighters of (YPJ) who participated in the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa city and they are fully prepared  and ready to go to Afrin saying that they would become athorn in Eredogan ‘s and its mercenaries And that they will take up the resistance of the time

The fighter of Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), which nicknamed  of martyr Mirkan Kobani  during a meeting with her said “We took part in the liberation battle of al-Raqqa and North Syria and liberated all areas from gripIS mercenaries who were supported by Turkey”RAQA-NRININI-SERVANA-1-620x364

Mirkan added that they are ready to go to Afrin when necessary because they have pledged to follow the path of freedom fighters such as Aren Mirkan and Avesta Khabor and all the resistance of the times in Afrin, and just asIS mercenaries to defeat Erdogan and the rest of his mercenaries.

The fighter Ola Karama saying : “We are committed to fighting the spirit of the martyrs of freedom until the liberation of all our regions from mercenaries and terrorism, and therefore we are always ready to participate in the resistance of the time”The land of Afrin is our land and we will not allow the hand of terrorism and occupation to destroy it. Afrin as we participated in liberation of al- Raqqa