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YPJ spokeswoman visits Manbij Military Council

MANBIJ – Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) spokeswoman Nasrin Abdullah visited the fighters of the Manbij Military Council in order to strengthen relations between the Rojava and Northern Syria military forces and to evaluate the developments in the region.

Nasrin Abdullah was welcomed by the Manbij Military Council commander Zinarîn Enes, and by dozens of fighters of the council. Zinarin Enes stressed the importance of solidarity and connection between the military women’s forces in Rojava and Northern Syria and said: “As the Manbij Military Assembly, we must be devoted and sacrificed to all the women of Syria. For this reason, we will act with this consciousness and we will benefit from the experiences of the YPJ from the past in order to become the defense forces who are worthy of the women of the country.”

Nasrin Abdullah requested the Manbij Military Council to provide the necessary support and continued: “YPJ fighters also played an active role in the liberation of Manbij and after the rescue of Manbij from Daesh gangs, the city was handed over to the Manbij Military Council. The fighters in the council must strengthen themselves through organizing and increasing their numbers. If this is achieved, the women in council and the council structure will become stronger, the will of women will be even stronger and they will play an active role in defending the society. This would mean that women will become more effective on society.”

At the end of her speech, Nasrin Abdullah stated that the YPJ were ready to fulfill their duty on organizing and martial arts training and to help the military council in this matter.