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Zalal Jiger stresses women communes’ role


AFRIN- Zalal Jiger executive of the Star Congress (an organization concerned with women issues) criticized institutions concerned with women issues for their weak role in raising awareness among women, Jiger also stressed the priority of activating women communes and communicating with women within the canton.

This came in the conference held by Star Congress on Sunday in the canton of Afrin.

Zalal said in the beginning” holding such a conference amid this sensitive status quo is considered crucial for women particularly that it is a significant step to discuss communes’ work and the way they are activated.

Zalal also pointed out to the role communes’ members are playing to raise awareness among women in the canton and said” we should be wondering at the point we have reached at? How well women have organized themselves? As the annual report of Star Conference indicates that 10 communes are not active out of 52 women communes.

Zalal appealed of the Training, Economics, Youthful Women, Protection, Heath, Reconciliation, and Services communes in organizing society on all levels.

Jiger also criticized the institutions concerned with women in the canton and said” in spite of the fact some women institutions exist, women in the canton are exposed to violence, rape, and a victim of the masculine mentality, so these institutions should be playing their role in raising awareness among women and educating her about her rights.

Zalal pointed out that institutions concerned with women in the canton should be undertaking their responsibilities towards more than 40 thousand women in the canton: communicating with them and solving their problems.

Zalal concluded saying that it is priority to activate communes and keep in touch with all women all over the canton.