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Ziyad Sabsabi: Russia insists on Kurds’ participation in meetings of Syrian crisis


QAMISHLO– The deputy of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Russian Senate Ziyad Sabsabi said that Russia will abide by neutrality in the fighting between the regime Force and the Syrian Democratic Forces, indicating that Russia insists permanently on the Kurds participation in conferences and meetings related to the Syrian crisis.

The General Command of the People’s Protection Units held a press conference yesterday, in which a number of IS mercenary families were handed over to the Russian Federation during a joint press conference between the People’s Protection Units and Russian military leadership.

The families, which were handed over by the General Command to Russia by People’s Protection Units, included 13 women and 29 children from mercenary families who were Russian citizens.

The spokesman of the People Protection Units Nuri Mahmoud, Russian General Alexander Kim and deputy of the head of Foreign Relations Committee in the Russian Senate, Dr. Ziyad Sabsabi and the Co-chair of the Foreign Affairs in Cizîre region Abdul al-Karim Omar attended press conference.

Sabsabi said during the press conference “The Russian Federation did not have any negative references to the Kurdish people in Iraq, Syria, Turkey. Adding “The Russian Federation has always understood the aspirations of the Kurdish people to gain their rights in the areas in which they live, we will continue to follow this path.

He pointed out that the Russian Federation insists on the permanent participation of the Kurds in the Geneva conference and the meeting of Astana and also the upcoming meetings that are scheduled to resolve the Syrian crisis, “But we must be realistic, Russia cannot completely cancel Geneva for the Kurds ‘s participation, that the Russian Federation represents the Kurdish interests and always take into account the Kurdish interests in all discussions.”

“After eliminating terrorism, Russian businessmen will have a big role in building Syria fully,” he said.

“The families required for the Russian state will be tried by the Russian government, and children and non-wanted will be released.”

During the press conference, ANHA correspondent of the Russian Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ziyad Sababsi, asked more than once about their position on the regime threats and the Iranian militias to attack areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the People and Women’s Protection Units, but he kept beating around the bush claiming that he was not aware of these threats by the regime and the Iranian militias about attacking areas liberated by SDF, YPJ and YPG.

while noting that if any confrontations took place between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the People and Women’s Protection units on the one hand and the regime forces and the Iranian militias, the Russian forces will adhere to neutrality and try to play the role of reconciliation between these forces.