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Afrin, which embraced thousands of displaced people are displaced today amidst international silence   


QAMISHLO – The administrator of the Kurdish leftist party, Mohammed Jalal Kassem, called on all peoples in Syria North to rise up against Turkish aggression and support Resistence of Age . He said “Turkey is targeting all the peoples of the region through its attacks on Afrin. “Afrin, which has embraced thousands of displaced people, killer.”.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with administrator of the Kurdish leftist  party Mohammed Jalal Kassem said ” The war that is taking place in al-Gouta is taking place to distract public opinion and drew attention to the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and the international conspiracies and the killing of unarmed civilians of children and women, Has been under bombardment day and night for 52 days, but it is steadfast in the face of the fascist government, while the United Nations and the Security Council is not appointed, and no ear hears what is happening in Afrin. “

The Kurdish Leftist Party’s administrator Mohammed Jalal Kassem, called on all peoples of different components, such as Kurds, Arabs and Syrians, to rise up against the dictatorial Turkish government and support Resistence of Age in Afrin.

Jalal said that the situation in Afrin is deteriorating and that its people are suffering material and moral damage and are endangering their lives. Hundreds of families have been displaced since the beginning of the Turkish aggression until today, where thousands of Syrians have taken refuge from all areas since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. , While today the people of Afrin are turning to other areas fleeing from the oppression of Turkish aggression and mercenaries, amid the silence of international killer.

And added said “We hope in the next few days that European countries and the rest of the world will reconsider the issue of Afrin as the owners of the just cause.”

At the end of his speech, Jalal Kassem appealed to the Kurdish people in all parts of the world to support Resistence of Age in Afrin in all forms. He also called on all countries to intervene quickly to stop the Turkish attack on Afrin and to support the fighters who fought all the terrorist factions. Syrian regions.