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Al-Barati: World must end arrogance of  Turkish occupation army

QAMISHLO –The Kurdish Democratic Party political Office in Syria called on Kurdish and Kurdish forces and activists to “exert their utmost efforts to unify the Kurdish ranks at this historic stage, to put pressure on the superpowers to support our people and stop this aggression against Afrin.”

The Political Office of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria issued a written statement to the public, calling on all organizations and councils to take responsibility for the brutal attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs on Afrin.

The text of the statement:

“After nearly two months of blatant aggression on Afrin, Turkish forces and the support of their gangs from the terrorist armed factions of the Syrian opposition coalition to carry out a barbaric attack on Afrin city using various types of heavy weapons and the air force, fell hundreds of missiles and Rockets , Causing dozens of martyrs and wounded in two days, and caused a wave of displacement of thousands of civilians from the city.

In addition to these crimes committed by the Turkish authorities, they resorted to cutting off water and electricity from residential areas, imposing a siege on our Kurdish people, and targeting them to medical points, which led to their departure from service and endangering the lives of hundreds of wounded.

In light of this barbaric Turkish attack on our peaceful people in Afrin, which was a haven for hundreds of thousands of displaced brothers from various Syrian regions inside, the extreme intentions of the Erdogan government, aimed at the Kurdish issue not only in Syria, Wherever they may be.

We in the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria appeal to all Kurdish and Kurdish forces and actors to move and do their best to unite the Kurdish ranks at this historic stage, and on the other hand to the Kurdish community to form real pressure on the superpowers to support our people and stop this aggression, Laws and regulations in those countries so that these activities do not reflect negatively on our just cause.

At the same time, we call on the great international powers, especially the United States of America, Russia and the European Union, as well as the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council and the Arab League to exert effective pressure on the Turkish authorities to end their arrogance in flagrant violation of international laws and violations of the sovereignty of the safe neighborhood. The people of our peaceful people in flagrant violation of human rights, and we call on all of them to shoulder their responsibilities to stop the barbaric aggression and the immediate withdrawal of invading forces from the entire occupied Syrian territories.