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AL-Raqqa ‘s People denounce shelling of Turkish occupation to Avrin Hospita



AL-RAQQA –Al-Raqqa ‘s People has denounced the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Afrin  Hospitals countinuing Turkish army massacres against the people .

Turkish army and terrorist gangs are still ongoing the shelling on civilians and Afrin ‘s Hospitals and commit massacres against civilian’s people and international society is still silent .

In this context , Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with al-Raqqa ‘s people .

The head of the People’s Municipality in Raqqa, Ahmed Ibrahim, said that coinciding with the bombing of Avrin Hospital with the anniversary of the massacre of Halabja is a message to the peoples that the Turkish army will commit massacres against the people. “Are we coming to more massacres and are we threatened to be in these areas?”

“With these actions, Turkey is working to destabilize the region and to obstruct the building of institutions, and we thought the war was over. We will not accept this criminal act by Erdogan by targeting him to Afrin Hospital and we will not bow down and we will not bow down and we will continue to challenge and defend our land and our Afrin ‘s People . “

Ahmed Ibrahim appealed to all organizations and states “to carry out their humanitarian work and stop the bloodshed in the streets of Afrin.”

Hassan Ahmed Nurse  who commemorated criminal act that Erdogan is carrying out with shelling of the hospital reminds us of the massacre of Halabja, and this criminal act of killing children and women in Afrin is aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the region.

He also appealed to international organizations and the international community to break their silence over the massacres committed by the Turkish army.