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Aldar Khalil: Syrian units in Afrin would carry out tasks on border



QAMIŞLO- The co-chair of the Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Aldar Khalil said, “We say to everybody who are fear of the federal project that our project do not strive at the division, and we consider ourselves as a part of Syria, and the units that entered Afrin would carry out their task on the border, and he called on Russia to review its policies towards the attacks on Afrin, and to not open the way for Turkey to occupy the Syrian lands.

The statements of the co-chair of the Executive Body of TEV-DEM came in a meeting with Hawar news agency about the recent developments that Afrin region witnesses.

Aldar Khalil said in the beginning of his speech, “The Resistance of the Age ongoing in Afrin entered its second month, and in the last month, Afrin people proved that they are an organized, resistant, and land-loving people, and they defend it against the Turkish occupation beside the fighters.”

Aldar Khalil added, “The Turkish occupation that is the second strongest army in the NATO has all the military possibilities including weapons, warplanes and rockets and it is supported by many terrorist factions and gangs is attacking a small city od such a size, and it did not achieve its desired aims. This proved that this resistance has triumphed, and this reality reached the whole world and proved that the factions supported by Turkey and that are attacking Afrin have no relation with the Syrian people, and they are against all humanity values. The dirty game that Russia and Turkey played failed so that we congratulate and salute our people and everybody participated in the Resistance of the Age.”

Aldar Khlil made it clear, “The resistance assured to the whole world that who defend Afrin region are not a small force or group, rather, all the peoples of North Syria including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Turkmens are the owners of resistance as every component has played its role in protecting Afrin. In addition, there is a support by the people of Rojava and North Syria to Afrin, and the people of these areas said that we are a part of this resistance, we do not leave Afrin, and we would not allow our enemies to occupy Afrin.

Aldar Khalil noted that several days ago, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombarded Erende village in Shia district in Afrin canton with a prohibited internationally chlorine chemical material, and this is a crime against humanity so that the international community must take responsibilities and not keep silent towards these crimes and violations against the civilians.

Aldar Khalil added, “At the beginning of the attack against Afrin, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Afrin issued a statement assuring again that we are a part of Syria, and as the Turkish attack is an aggression on the Syrian sovereignty and borders so that it called on the Syrian government to take its legal responsibilities protecting the borders of Syria and preventing occupying them. This demand conforms to our federal project that assures that we do not aim at separation, rather, we see ourselves as a part of Syria. And we say ti those who claim that the federal project would lead Syria to division that we do not want the division, and we see ourselves a part from Syria, and the units related to the Syrian army that entered Afrin would carry out their tasks on the borders.”

Aldar Khalil continued, “Russia held contracts with Turkey during which, it opened the way for it to bombard our cities and attack us using warplanes. These attacks came under the pretext of that who are existent in Afrin are only Kurds and the Kurds are terrorists and they are a risk agaist us, but with the last agreement and the participation of the Syrian army’s units in supporting Afrin, we proved again that we do not aim at separation, rather, we strive at protecting the Syrian lands and people, and creating a democratic project that would fit with all the peoples of Syria.”

Aldar Khalil concluded his speech saying, “Russia must review its policies towards the battles launched on Afrin,  if it would not be ceased, that means that it is still giving the green light to the Turkish occupation to fight Afrin people, and opening the way for it to occupy the Syrian lands.”