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Amid massacres perpetrated by Turkish occupation, Afrin people are forced to flee their homes


AFRIN – Afrin ‘s people have been forced to leave their homes due to shelling of the Turkish occupation army by warplanes and heavy artillery thousends of the people are still in Afin city . Amid continuing shelling .

The aircraft and artillery of the Turkish occupation army  has been continuing  to target civilians and public facilities, especially  Afrin ‘s hospitals on the 57th day of Resistance to the Age , so the people who are subjected to massacres and genocide to flee their homes.

Today, thousands of  Afrin ‘s residents headed to al-Shabba canton in order to preserve their lives and the lives of their children as a result of the continuous shelling of the city.

In this context, the Turkish occupation army targeted on Saturday morning Afrin ‘s people who were trying to get out of the city and access to the safe areas in al-Shabba canton resulting in  killing and wounding dozens of civilians.

It is noteworthy that 47 civilians were  martyred and dozens injured on Friday in massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army in Afrin city targeting them with planes and heavy guns.

This comes amid the indifference and silence of the international Society and human rights organizations about what is happening in a city that houses hundreds of thousands of civilians.