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Armenian family fled annihilation to be attacked Turkish shelling in Afrin

Afrin- An Armenian family that fled the massacres of exterminating the Armenians by the Turks 100 years ago and found security and stability in Afrin canton was attacked by the Turkish massacre that followed them even in Afrin to be the victims of the bombing of the Turkish warplanes in the center of Rajo district.

On January 24 and at night, the Turkish occupation’s warplanes bombed haphazardly Rajo area, and killed the young man Rosher Konis, and injured his mother Shamsa Konis who is at 57, while his sister Hanifa Konis whose age is 25, her leg was amputated, and they are from an Armenian family.

In this context, the citizen Hartyon Kivork who is one of the relatives of the family said, “Their ancestors fled the oppression of the Turkish authorities nearly 100 years ago in the result of the massacres committed by the Turks against the Armenians so that they headed towards Afrin to live in peace among their Kurdish brothers and all other peoples and sects living in the area.”

Hartyon Kivork added, “But the Turkish occupation army has resumed its massacres which do not differentiate between people and stones to commit new massacres against all peoples in Afrin to leave our Armenian family as a victim of the Turkish crimes again while we used to live in harmony in our homes to be attacked again by the Turkish state.”

After the First World War between 1919 and 1920, the Turkish authorities committed genocide and massacres against the Armenian people, and forcibly deported them from their lands.