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Mansour al-Salloum: Today is role of world countries to confront Erdogan’s terrorism


AFRIN -Mansour al-Salloum said that the peoples of northern Syria have made a lot of sacrifices to eliminate global terrorism represented by IS mercenaries, and today the role of the world and the international community to face Erdogan’s terrorism.

The co-chair of the Founding Council of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, Mansour al-Salloum, made the remarks during his participation in the demonstration in support of the Resistance of The Age and condemning the Turkish aggression on Afrin, in which thousands of people from northern Syria participated.

He saluted the resistance of the fighters and the people of Afrin against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. And mercenaries, who are trying to occupy and divide the Syrian territories. “

He said “Erdogan targeted the convoy of northern Syria, which was moving from northern Syria to the olive land of Afrin and knew that it was a procession of my people and a civilian, on the day we say that we will associate Afrin.”

He stressed that the people in northern Syria and Afrin chose resistance as a basic line and approach. “Victory is our primary goal. The democracy that has achieved in the north of Syria among all the components is the shield that protects us. Afrin is not only threatened by Erdogan and his extremist groups, The peoples of the world are threatened and must know it before it is too late. “

He said that the democracy that has been achieved in the Syrian north has brought terror to Erdogan and his associates. Democracy means the end of Erdogan’s power and his extremist ideology, which aims at killing and destruction around the world.