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Politician: victories achieved in resistance of Age are due to strong will of people


AFRIN- A member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, Kamiran Hassan, said that the policy of the Turkish state is racist and violates the laws, as it tries to attack the territory of others, noting the resistance shown by the people of the region in front of it.

The resistance of the people of Afrin exceeded the month in their response to the most violent attacks by the Turkish occupation army, which is trying to achieve its interests under pretexts that do not exist on the ground.

In this regard, Hawar news agency met with a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, Kamiran Hassan.

Hassan said at the beginning of his speech that Afrin today recorded in history, and that the Turkish state, which is the second most powerful nation in NATO and with all the possessions of heavy weapons are unable to achieve their ambitions and access to their efforts after it exceeded the resistance of the month In their response to the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Hassan pointed out that the victories that are achieved on the ground come thanks to the will of the Kurdish people, and continued, “which is one of the fundamentals of the resistance.”

Hassan pointed out that the ambitions of the Turkish state towards the region have no limits. “Its racist policy is hostile to the rights of the Kurdish people and humanity, and in violation of international laws, because it is attacking neighboring land that is not affiliated with it. Syrian territory and the Turkish state has no right to interfere in the territory of others. “

Hassan added that Afrin is considered one of the safest and most stable places in the Syrian territory since the outbreak of the crisis,he said “Afrin has embraced thousands of displaced people from many areas with their various components and provided them with everything they can.”