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Resisdents ‘s Kobani offer duty condolences to Families of martyrs Omar Alloush , Billal kobani

KOBANI  – Dozens of residents ‘s Kobani offer of duty to condolence to the families of martyrs Omar Alloush and Bilal Kobani, in the tents of condolences figs erected in Kobani  city and Blanc village.KOBANE-MERASIME DU-SEHIDAN ‫(38928899)‬ ‫‬

Today, dozens of residents ‘s canton and members of the Martyrs ‘s Families Council , the Democratic Union Party and the Democratic Society Movement (TEV _DEM ), went to the funeral tent of the martyr Omar Aloush, which was erected in Kobani city and the condolences of the fighter in the ranks of the People Protection Units (YPG) Billa Hamza whose nom de guerre is Billa Kobani in Balac village is located in west of Kobani city .

Among the mourners were the co-chair of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV –DEM ) in Kobani canton Aisha Effendi, the co-chair of the Defense Body Esmat Sheikh Hassan, and the co-chairof the Executive Council in Kobani canton  Anwar Muslim.

At the funeral tent of Martyr Alloush, the mourners stopped a minute of silence. Then the co –chair of Defence Body  Esmat Sheikh Hassan gave a speech in which he said: “At first we congratulate the family of the martyr and all his comrades and wish them patience and solace.”KOBANE-MERASIME DU-SEHIDAN ‫(38928898)‬ ‫‬

During his speech Sheikh Hassan pointed out that the martyr Omar Alloush sought to spread the culture of love and peace in North Syria especially in areas with an Arab majority.

“However, the other hostile parties did not accept peace and carried us enmity so the Syrian revolution passes through a special crisis with the Turkish brutal enemy, Qatar and much of the agenda that wanted destruction to Syria, especially the elimination of the rights of the Kurds,” .

On behalf of the people of Omar Alloush, his cousin Ghaleb Alloush said, “Omar Alloush expressed his spirit for the sake of humanity. As long as there are people like Omar Alloush there will be testimony for humanity. Omar is not the first martyr and not the last of the martyrs of freedom.”

Alloush added “All we have is resistance, because our enemies do not accept friendship, humanity or partnership, and the biggest evidence of the Turkish state attacks on Afrin. The United Nations and humanitarian organizations have been silent about Erdogan’s crimes against civilians in Afrin” .KOBANE-MERASIME DU-SEHIDAN ‫(1)‬

The mourners then went to village Blanc to offer condolences to the families of the martyr Billal Kobani. A ceremony was held which began with a minute of silence, after which words of condolence were delivered to the families of the martyr Bilal and pledged to continue the struggle until victory over all the enemies.