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Swedish Parliamentarian: Targeting civilians by Turkish occupation violates international laws


QAMIŞLO-The parliamentarian in the Swedish Green Party Jabar Ameen said that the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin region and targeting the civilians violates the international laws and the arrest of Saleh Muslim is a continuation of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people and the Resistance of The Age in Afrin.

Yesterday Ameen went to Rojava through the Sêmelka crossing with the intention of going to Afrin region and learning about the system of coexistence and the role of women in the revolution in northern Syria.

Ameen said at the beginning of his speech that the resistance of Afrin enters its second month and the attacks of the Turkish barbaric occupation continue on the civilians and try to occupy it to another country that is contrary to international laws. “We as Swedish Green Party condemn these attacks and support the Resistance of the Age and the people demanding freedom.

Ameen said that Turkey describes all those who claim to be a terrorist. For this reason, Saleh Muslim, the former president of the Democratic Union Party, was arrested and the Czech Republic made a serious mistake when it arrested Saleh Muslim at the request of the Turkish authorities.

He appealed to all rights organizations to come to Rojava and document the Turkish aggression on Afrin and its violations against humanity and the killing of children and women.