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Syriac citizen appeals to world: Do not allow repeated massacres to  Syriac in Afrin



QAMISHLO_A Syriac citizen who survived the massacres against them He is living in Rojava now , sent a message to the world saying, “Do not allow Turkey to return the massacres against Afrin ‘s people .”

Throughout history, the Turkish state has committed massacres against many components. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Turkish state committed genocide in the name of religion, massacring millions of the Syriac, the Yezidi, the Armenian people. Citizens who survived the massacres migrated from their areas and lived in Rojava and North Syria .They are now resisting in Afrin in the face of the fascist attacks on Erdogan.

A Syriac citizen in a speech to the Turkish state that is launching attacks on Afrin said that “In our unity, we will not allow the repeated massacres committed against the Syriac people in Afrin. He appealed to the world not to allow Turkey to re-commit the Assyrian massacres of the people’s right to Afrin.

Turkish state terrorism continues on peoples from ancient times until today. In the face of the occupation attacks on Afrin Resistance of the Age  continues on its 57th day with all its strength and unparalleled heroism. All the components of the resistance, such as Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Armenians and Turkmen, are participating in this resistance and resisting the Turkish state.

The Syriac citizen Suleiman Stevo was born in 1937 and has been displaced since his youth. According to the information he knew from his fathers and grandfathers that in 1915 the Ottoman Empire committed a massacre against the Syriac people, killing 5 of his uncles. Suleiman Stevo is now the co-chair of the Reconciliation Commission for the Eastern Quarterin Qamishlo city . He talked about the massacre against the Syriac people and the support of the Syriac people for resisting the Age .

Millions of Syriac with Afrin

Suleiman pointed out that the unity of peoples in Afrin would be the response to the occupation and terrorism of the Turkish state for thousands of years. “The Turkish occupation state committed a massacre against the Syriac people, but this massacre did not achieve its objectives today, millions of Syriac are alive. Now, too, the Turkish state wants to repeat the Syriac massacre in Afrin. Millions of Syriac support Resistance of the Age  and the Kurdish people will not allow the Turkish occupation army and its gangs to occupy Afrin. “

We achieved our unity, Turkey can not divide us

Suleiman explained that they would not allow the Turkish state to occupy Afrin. “What does Erdogan want from Afrin? He kills civilians on a daily basis. Afrin to its family. This is not the first time that Turkey has practiced its terrorism against peoples. We have achieved our unity and the Turkish occupation state and its gangs  can never divide us. We will not allow the repetition of the massacre committed against us again in Afrin. Turkey can not apply its religious character to us. “

“Resistance of the Age “takes revenge for hundreds of years

Suleiman also said Erdogan had become a beautiful apple outsider but corrupt and full of worms from the inside, and sent a message to Erdogan saying, “Those people I’ve been killing today are taking revenge for hundreds of years in their unity. In the unity of peoples we will support Resistance of Age  and resist to the end “