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Talal Silo: our major aim founding SDF was uniting military factions


HASAKE- Talal Silo the official spokesperson of Syria Democratic Forces pointed out that the major cause lying behind the foundation of SDF was uniting the ranks of military and national factions and powers, noting that their victories have drawn the attention of many factions to join them, and thus failing libel policies against them, and he offered these victories to families of the martyrs and wounded.

Hawar news has met the official spokesperson of SDF General Talal Ali Silo in the 1st anniversary of SDF foundation.

Our major concern was uniting the ranks of military and national factions and powers

Talal Silo said” previously, the military factions suffered from diaspora, that’s why our major aim was uniting these factions, and forming a unified military command to liberate the region and people from IS oppression and terror, and we managed to form an organization that united us and our goals”.

Victories achieved have drawn other factions to join 

Silo went on saying” on the military level and since SDF foundation, we have undertaken many campaigns starting from the liberation of the southern countryside of Hasake, al-Holl, the southern countryside of Kobani, Tishreen Dam, Shadadi and its countryside, Til Abyad, and finally our support and distribution to liberating Manbij and its countryside”.

On the regulatory level, and expansion of SDF General Silo said” we started with 13 factions and now there are 32 factions comprising under SDF, which include all the region’s components, particularly after they have seen the victories achieved, and learned about the essence of our goals”.

We need political, military support, while it restricted to promises and aerial support

As to difficulties and obstacles SDF faced since its foundation, Silo said” we have been strategic allies of the global coalition countering IS, and we have sent many appeals for military help for our forces, but no support was given except for some promises which have been broken as well, and support was restricted to aerial support during our operations”.

As to the political support, Silo pointed out” founding SDF, which is the political front of our forces and legal representative in negotiations with other sides, it was not recognized officially, and everything was all about promises”.

Silo went on saying” we are in need of military, political support and recognition of the international community and the coalition, particularly that we are about announcing the federation in the coming days”.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other sides are preventing official recognition of us  

Silo also said that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and some of the Gulf states are influencing the international community which is consequently refusing to officially recognize us” during our meetings with the global coalition particularly US, we demanded them to recognize us officially, and they promised us but has not till now kept their promises clearly indicating that the Gulf states and Turkey are standing as an obstacle to this”.

Our coexisting components standing together, libel campaigns were repelled  

Talal Silo said” the essence of their enmity to us is that we are fighting for the Syrian people, and they are clearly related to external agendas exploiting the bloodshed in Syria, for we have eliminated terrorism in most of our regions, another cause of our victory is the unity of Syrian components comprised under SDF”.

The so-called opposition is serving external agendas, particularly Turkey’s 

Silo went on saying” our forces are the true opposition, while those claiming it are not but affiliated to Istanbul or Riyadh and are serving their agendas in the region like Turkey occupying our land, which is vigorously motivating the bloodshed in Syria, and having their schemes failed, they directly intervened in Syria proving the Turkish ambitions in Syria, they would not however realize that whatever happens and we made this clear to the world”.

Our campaigns met people’s appeals, who approved of our struggle

People receiving SDF during liberation operations Silo commented” most of our campaigns were meeting people appeals, and we responded soon to their calls”.

He went on saying” adding to that, after liberation of these areas, they are handed over to locals to rule, this is what distinguishes us from other factions such as Shadadi and al-Holl which have been delivered to their people”.

Our participation in liberating many areas was the cause youths joined our forces

Silo added saying” people welcoming us after liberating their land motivated many youths to join our forces, contrarily to other factions, they joined SDF comparing it to other factions’ practices”.

Silo also pointed out that 90% of SDF after liberation operations were of the Arabic component, and some were Turkmen, and we have provided them with training courses”.

 “We will keep our promises to our people”

Silo assured” since the very beginning of SDF foundation, our major concern was liberating Syria from terror, and we are still keeping our promise to our people to eliminate oppression, terror, and despotism”.

We offer our victories to families of the martyrs and wounded, and we thank our fighters

Talal Silo the official spokesperson of Syria Democratic Forces concluded saying” we offer our achievements and victories to families of the martyrs and wounded, and we salute martyrs with glory and honor for their precious sacrifices for the justice, freedom, security, and dignity of our people, we also thank our fighters in the resistance trenches who are struggling against the terror of IS, and braveries they have shown in the liberation of our people and country”.