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Targeting Avrin Hospital exceeded all red lines


AL-TABQA – The Turkish regime, in its barbaric aggression against Afrin, exceeded all red lines and violated the customs, traditions and laws adopted by all the countries of the world, which formed a charter for the United Nations.DIYANA-SALIH

Regardless of Turkey’s colonial objective, its air and ground strikes targeted defenseless civilians, killing hundreds and injuring hospitals, schools and infrastructure in its aggression against Avrin.

All these facts were not noticed by Turkey amid international silence and blindness to the massacres of Turkish occupation committed against civilians in Afrin continuing its 57th day in a row, where the number of martyrs since the beginning of the Turkish aggression on Afrin exceeded 260 and more than 700 wounded according to statistics Avrin Hospital, which treats hundreds of wounded daily, which was hit last night by a strike by the Turkish occupation aircraft in conjunction with the barbaric shelling of the city’s densely populated city.The statements of the Turkish regime that the Avrin hospital is completely free of the wounded and wounded are pure lies and hypocrisy, and this is confirmed by the Health Committee of the Civil Democratic Department of the stratum, according to its co-chair, Obaid Muslim, through communication with the administration of Avrin Hospital.