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Two meetings in al-Hasakah confirm thatAfrin resistance will win

AL_HASAKAH- Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM)  has explained the latest developments and developments in the region, especially in Afrin of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army  during two separate meetings held in Silco Hall and Rasho Hall. During the two meetings, the people who  fought to Resistance of the Age would be win agianst of the Turkish occupation .

The two meetings were attended by dozens of people from al- Hasakah city In the hall of the two meetings, banners were hung reading “Afrin will be the tomb of the Vardhi of Erdogan.”

The meeting began with a minute of silence. During the meeting held at the Silco Hall, the co-chair governor ofal-Jazeera canton , Haifa Arbo, praised the heroism of the fighters on the front lines of the Turkish planes and guns. “The steadfastness of our people in Afrin is a place of pride, pride and reverence, The resistance in Afrin did not happen in the world, because the fighters and the people are fighting face to face planes and guns. “

Haifa Arbo explained that Turkey had vowed to occupy Afrin within 3 days and after its failure in the occupation, the deadline was extended to 15 days and it was unable to advance one hour. She said: Today the barbaric attack on Afrin lasted 57 days and it was not possible to advance in Afrin. Afrin.

“We have not received any reaction to the attack on Afrin because Turkey is threatening European countries by using Syrian refugees as a pressure card on European countries and threatening them with terrorism in their areas,” she said.

Haifa Arbo called on the people of North Syria to unite and remain vigilant against the conspiracies that target the people, because Turkey and the world countries are afraid of spreading the ideology of the democratic nation and fraternity of the peoples.

In a meeting held at the Rasho Hall, theAdministror of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV_DEM), Jihad Hassan, criticized the position of the Kurdish political parties in support of the Turkish occupation of Afrin and praised the heroic resistance in the Afrin region.

He praised the support of the people of al-Jazeera region and the Euphrates to Resistence of the Age. “People are fleeing wars. Our people in North Syria go to war to stand in the face of Turkish planes and guns, and they have a message that the people of Syria are heart and soul,” .

At the end of his speech, Hassan said: “We bow down to the martyrs’ lives and honor the resistance shown by the fighters, and we say with confidence that the resistance of the people who fought in Afran will win .”

The two meetings concluded by emphasizing the victory of Resistance of the Age